Thijs Verhaar

Brand Identity & Website


The brief

Dutch designer Thijs Verhaar has worked for over 20 years as a knitwear buyer, technician, and advisor for fashion clients all over the world.

He also happens to be a strong, opinionated character (to put it mildly). He believed, as he said bluntly at our first meeting, that “all marketing is bullsh*t.” 

For the launch of his eponymous knitwear label, Thijs hired me to write his website. But without a solid foundation in branding and identity, any website copy would only be the marketing B.S. that he hated so much.


What I did

I worked closely with Thijs to develop his customer story, define his brand values, and articulate what makes him special.

I distilled his brand essence—intricately linked to his complex, creative personality—into eight words. Only then did I begin to write his website copy.

Thijs loved it. He gifted me with one of his beautiful Merino wool scarves, then invited me over for dinner.

Thijs still uses my branding work in all of his communications. And he still invites me over for dinner.